Steel, reinforced concrete and brick chimneys - Alpaca prace wysokościowe
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Steel, reinforced concrete and brick chimneys

  • Dismantling and demolitions
  • Shortening, dismantling, execution of reducing pipes
  • Protection of jackets with heat – resistant and protection coatings
  • Execution of protective coatings – impregnation and hydrophobization
  • Maintenance, adjustment and exchange of tensions
  • Anti – corrosion of steel equipment
  • Design, installation and measurements of lightning protection system
  • Design, installation and meansurements of obstruction lighting
  • Design, installation and measurements of electrical system
  • Anti – corrosion protection of open reinforcement
  • Repair of concrete losses (SIKA, Mc BAUCHEMIE and others)
  • Repair of scratches, crackings and creepers
  • Exchange, repair, anticorrosion of steel trims
  • Painting of warning stripes and warning notices
  • Exchange of condesates
  • Instalation and dismantling of transmitting aerials
  • Design and installation of steel constructions for GSM transmitters
  • High – pressure painting of chimney cladding
  • Sand blasting of concrete and steel
  • Repair of brickwork, internal and external insulation of a chimney
  • Repair of communication routes – hatch ladders
  • Installation of vertical and horizontal belaying Soll
  • Photo documentation