Sandblasting - Alpaca prace wysokościowe
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Sand blasting or abrasive blasting is the most effective method of cleaning the surface – removal of rust and old paint. Sandblasting is to clean the surface of a jet of compressed air containing abrasive. It is commonly recommended method, which gives optimum surface preparation for painting (Sa 1, Sa 2, Sa 2 1, Sa 3 PN – ISO 8501 – 1: 1996). Sandblasting may be used, inter alia, sand, slag copper-glass, metal, dry ice or other materials so that it is possible to obtain the desired appearance of the treated surface. The effect is similar to sandblasting sanding, but cleaned surface is usually a lot smoother and there are no problems with the cleaning of hard to reach places. We also use water to clean the casing so that it can reduce dusting during its work.

Secure the prepared surface corrosion paint sets arbitrarily selected in accordance with the customer’s expectations. The coatings then applied either manually or by machine by means of pneumatic units.

Orders are made using methods like climbing
and traditional scaffolding.